Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Premier Care Industries is committed to helping you differentiate, grow, and protect your brand. We have invested our resources in state-of-the-art wet wipe technology manufacturing in our FDA-approved Clean Room under strict quality guidelines to ensure that your brand requirements and quality standards are met every single day.

Our Investment in Fulfilling Your Needs

State-of-the-art, high-speed equipment allows us to deliver the widest selection of finishing touches for our products, giving you—our customer—exactly what you need. Premier Care designs products to meet all of your substrate and packaging requirements. Our wipes can be enriched with lotions or other nourishing additives, giving your customer the premium advantage they rely on. Additionally, our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer customized wipes in any folding configuration including crossfolded, interfolded, z-folded and c-folded stacks.

These technical advancements, along with our experience, industry knowledge and unparalleled dedication to service, enable us to provide customized products when you need them, at a price you can afford.

The Reach of Our Commitment

Technology and Innovation aren’t limited to Product and Packaging—they extend to Service. Premier Care’s investment in the fastest and most efficient manufacturing system helps us provide you with the product you expect when you expect it. Our EDI capability supports instantaneous electronic ordering and helps speed shipment. We also employ Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, and work with you to help reduce shipping expenses.

Reassurance for You and Your Customer

Premier Care follows stringent GMP processes and guidelines as required by the FDA to ensure a quality approach to manufacturing, enabling us to minimize or eliminate instances of contamination or other errors. This protects our customers and the consumer from purchasing a product that is ineffective or even dangerous. We work hard to consistently meet the highest in quality standards and functionality.