From pocket to desktop.

Premier Care manufactures electronic wipes to clean your computer, TV screen, phone and practically anything else you touch that has a circuit board. Our electronic wipes are an effective and safe screen cleaner you can trust to use on even your most valuable devices. Our advanced cleaning formula gently removes fingerprints and dust without damaging your screens or leaving any residue behind.




Why Choose Premier Care Industries' Expertise?

You can trust PCI wipes with your customer's most important tools. Our pre-moistened wipes are alcohol-free, streak-free and can be anti-microbial, neutralizing common viruses and bacteria found on screens.

Smudge-less & Shine

At PCI, we understand you are seeking safety and gentleness for your electronic wipes.

Whether it’s the latest in fabric development, packaging substrate, or a breakthrough in formulation we strive to make your consumer a returning customer.

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Backed by experience, industry knowledge, and technological advancements, Premier Care is where your vision and products come to life. Now is the time to partner with PCI.