For EVERY Area of the Home

Multi-surface wipes that clean everyday household messes without the harsh chemicals. Regular dry dusters, 360 dusters, and erasers are perfect for picking up lint, dust, and dirt, while glass cleaners with streak-free ingredients are great for making those windows sparkle! We can help your brand provide everything your customer needs to keep their home fresh and clean.




Why Choose Premier Care Industries' Expertise?

Whether wet or dry, scented or unscented, or used on tile or wood floors, we understand that your household wipes need to perform a specific or a wide range of tasks for your consumer. We’ll show you how one product can easily become a cleaning line - all under one brand and one roof.

Easy-to-Use & Effective

At PCI, we understand that you seek value and effectiveness for your household wet or dry wipes.

Whether it’s the latest in fabric development, packaging substrate, or a breakthrough in formulation, we strive to make your consumer a returning customer.

Learn More About What Premier Care Industries Can Do for You

Backed by experience, industry knowledge, and technological advancements, Premier Care is where your vision and products come to life. Now is the time to partner with PCI.