It starts at the beginning.

We design your wipes with your youngest customers in mind. Gentle on baby’s delicate skin, our broad range of types of wipes can be enriched with a wide selection of scents, natural additives, vitamins, lotions, and baby care add-ons. Several of our natural additives are certified organic.




Why Choose Premier Care Industries' Expertise?

Your baby wipes will be manufactured in our EPA, as well as FDA-registered facilities with dedicated packaging suites, adhering to the strictest cGMP quality standards. All of our formulas are produced in-house with a wide array of ingredients, formulations, and fragrances (or non at all) you can choose from, providing you with the performance you require for your baby wipe.

Gentle & Effective

At PCI, we understand your are seeking reliability & gentleness for your baby wipes.

Whether it’s the latest in fabric development, packaging substrate, or a breakthrough in formulation, we strive to make your consumer a returning customer.

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Backed by experience, industry knowledge, and technological advancements, Premier Care Industries is where your vision and products come to life. Now is the time to partner with PCI.