Wet Wipes

Our commitment to providing retailers with a range of consumer tested, national-brand equivalent wet wipes is demonstrated through our resource investments, quality control systems and unparalleled dedication to service.


Clean, deodorize and disinfect with powerful formulas in just one wipe. These wipes were made to eliminate most bacteria and viruses.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing Wipes

Wipes are a diapering essential. We design our wipes with your youngest customers in mind.

Baby & Toddler Wipes

Wipes with a boost of over-the-counter medication to help soothe and comfort.

OTC Medicated Wipes

No sink. No water. No problem. Beauty facial wipes that take off dirt, oil, and makeup - anytime, anywhere.

Beauty Facial Wipes

Pets can get into anything and everything. Clean them from snoot to wag with wipes that cleanse safely without harmful, toxic chemicals.

Pet Wipes

Our specially designed automotive wipes, and formulas are perfect for polishing, disinfecting, and protecting surfaces.

Automotive & Specialty Wipes

An easy and convenient, no-water solution for the elderly and disabled community. Ideal for private homes or large institutional use.

Adult Washcloths & Bathing Wipes

Large messes need large wipes. We produce degreasers that not only clean but protect stainless steel surfaces.

Industrial Wipes

Fresh, gentle, and flushable. Wipes to keep anyone clean and confident while being completely flushable.

Personal & Moist Toilet Tissue

With these gentle yet effective electronic wipes, your customers can treat their electronics like the valuable investments they are.

Electronic Wipes

For everyday use when on the move, hand and body wipes are an easy way to keep things clean and healthy.

Hand & Body Wipes

Whether it’s grease on the counter, dust on the shelves, or streaks on a window, we create specific products tailored to meet specific cleaning needs.

Household Cleaning

Effective and dependable wipes that make cleaning on any surface a snap!

Floor Care

Feminine hygiene wipes developed and formulated for women's sensitive and intimate areas.

Feminine Wipes

Natural Alternatives

Our own Baby Touch Naturals® baby wipes and private label products offer greener, more sustainable solutions for a safer, healthier tomorrow.


High-Quality Products Made to Satisfy

For over 20 years, Premier Care Industries has been a leader and innovator throughout the wet wipes and hygiene industry. Now is the time to partner with PCI.