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As the wet-wipes market continues to expand, so do we! We produce baby wipes, beauty wipes, household wipes, OTC, and pet wipes for some of the world’s largest and boutique brands, from the shelves of the smallest retailer, large wholesale warehouses, to the biggest internet stores. Our flexibility makes us ready to pivot on the newest substrates and ingredients that your customers demand. We are proud to say our wipes are Made in the USA.

Our Capabilities in this Market

Industry Leader in Store Brand Manufacturing

High Quality

Innovative Products

Exceptional Service


These specially formulated wipes can be used in multiple areas of any healthcare facility. We can create cleaning wipes that are phosphate, bleach, alcohol and ammonia-free, CPAP mask wipes that are lint and latex-free, bathing cloths that are rinse-free and gentle on sensitive skin, and OTC/medicated wipes for a wide range of topical uses. All of our wipes are Made in the USA and are fully customizable for your facility's needs.

Our Capabilities in this Market

UNICARE Leading Brand

Quality Products for Assisted Living and Home Care

Manufacturing safe products for Hospitals

FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility


For large-scale users, Premier Care Industries has developed the most advanced products in different formats and industrial-strength formulations; wipes that are safe on interiors or exteriors and contain UV protection for the auto industry, safe around food to fight bacteria and germs for the restaurant industry, or remove harmful and toxic materials from the skin while containing conditioners that help prevent irritation. All of our wipes are Made in the USA.

Our Capabilities in this Market

Leading Manufacturer of products that clean, sanitize and disinfect hands and surfaces.

High Performing Wipes for the Automotive Industry

Tough on Dirt, Grease, and Grime, but Always Gentle on Skin

Safe for Your Workers and Your Customers


We are world-renowned for our Bodyform® line of sanitary napkins and tampons, as well as our UniCare® adult incontinence briefs and liners. Both products are anatomically shaped in order to provide superior wear and dependability. We will never sacrifice quality or effectiveness for the sake of value. Our products are approved in hospitals, workplaces, nursing homes, and alternate care facilities worldwide.

Our Capabilities in this Market

High Quality Products Available in Bulk

Sanitary Napkins


Adult Incontinence Briefs and Liners


Are you looking to bring an idea to life? Perhaps you’ve developed a niche product that’s waiting to spring on the market. If you want to differentiate yourself as a unique authority and resonate deeply with your audience, a partnership with us will give you the flexibility and guiding expertise you need to make your online product a success. We will guide you through the production process from die-line to design, all the way through to scheduling and shipping.

Our Capabilities in this Market

Quality Manufacturer of Niche Products

Flexible to Meet the Needs of Entrepreneurs

One-Stop Shop

Logistics Expertise

National Brands

Our ever-growing warehouse and facilities are primed for any brand that has nationwide visibility. Our multiple manufacturing locations are able to handle larger operations, while our 175,000+ sq. ft. warehouse is ready to receive all the raw materials needed for the next job, and it includes a climate-controlled area to store the packaged finished product for your next order. We are continuously expanding our capabilities to meet the growing needs of our partners.

Our Capabilities in this Market

#1 Rated Contract Manufacturer

State of the Art FDA and EPA Registered Facility

Cutting Edge USP Blending Operation

In-House Lab – Innovative Product Development

Spanning the Globe serving Markets Everywhere

For over 20 years, Premier Care Industries has been a leader and innovator throughout the wet wipes and hygiene industry. Now is the time to partner with PCI.