Premier Care Industries has been offering a range of feminine care products for over 20 years.

Our products come with different levels of absorbency and comfort to meet the needs of every woman.

Using a renewable resource for our Bodyform natural product line.

The development of an innovative natural fiber in our sanitary pads; Bamboo, has spurred us on to launch a new range of natural sanitary pads and provide the customer with absorbency, comfort, quality, and sustainability without sacrificing the value she has come to expect from Premier Care Industries.

Our Feminine Hygiene Categories

Our consumer expertise has helped us become a leader in the feminine hygiene industry. We use ultra-absorbent materials for extra comfort and security, taking care to develop and customize trusted products designed to meet the needs of every woman.

Our sanitary pads are manufactured for competitive market performance, using highly absorbent materials that offer cleansing and moisturizing features for added comfort and security.

Customizable. Trusted. Performance.

For over 20 years, Premier Care Industries has been a leader and innovator throughout the feminine hygiene industry. Now is the time to partner with PCI.